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FACES presents “The Art in Dolls”

FACES presents “The Art in Dolls”


On exhibit at FACES June 19th – August 23rd
FACES (Fiber Arts Center of the Eastern Shore)
7 N. 4th Street, Denton, MD

Take a jump into the wonderful world of dolls at “The Art in Dolls” exhibit at FACES, where you can discover paper, wood, fabric, or porcelain dolls! Generations of children and adults have enjoyed dolls and the comfort they give. FACES is proud to host this whimsical look at some remarkable dolls and their makers.

These one of a kind pieces will be shown alongside their handmade clothes. In addition, contemporary and antique doll quilts will enhance the gallery. For more information, visit


Bleuette reproduction doll and various outfits

Paper Dolls by Vicki Christopherson

Hand Carved dolls by Donna Garmen


Doll quilts by Pam Sullivan

Doll Houses by Bunny Zaremba & Peggy Lee